Training with Fusion FC NKY

Soccer is a 1v1 game and being a competent ball handler is the foundation for all players. Strong foot skills allow a player more time to make game-speed decisions and the ability to recognize 1v1 opportunities at every possession. Fusion FC teaches both skill sets, furthering the individual development of each player.

The goal of Fusion FC is to produce a player that is fluid on the field. Therefore, players will experience every position on the field. By insisting that all of our players spend time playing every position on the field, we help them gain a deeper understanding of the entire game and how the entire team can share all of the various in-game responsibilities from defense to attack.

Shape and tactics are also important as players grow, but we will introduce those over time and within the overall readiness of the team. Time won’t be spent on passing and other advanced tactics until we have a squad full of players who have a high level of individual ball skills including first touch, dribble control and ball striking. Each player is their own person and requires individual direction. Because of this, Fusion FC believes it is important to try and maintain team roster continuity season to season, working on the long-term growth of players versus short-term results.

Frequency and Locations

Competitive level training will be two times per week.  There will be one weekly outdoor training session at local fields and one weekly indoor training and athletic performance training session at Griffin Elite on their indoor field.  Indoor sessions will consist of 30 minutes of performance training every week with Ignition APT and 60 minutes of field training with club trainers and team coaches.  Outdoor sessions will be 60 to 90 minutes. See the Programs & Registration menu for full information our programs.